"Background music worth paying attention to"

Joshua T. Merello is a national touring classical guitarist, visual artist, and writer from Kansas City, currently based in Albuquerque, NM.

Joshua's music is purely instrumental, allowing listeners to focus inward, on their own minds, amidst the constant noise of the external world. Utilizing only his classical guitar and loop pedal, he blends neo-classical, Latin, and blues stylings into one experience. His ear for melody gives each song a unique voice.

Joshua also plays guitar and bass for local acts in the Kansas City area, and works with Alzheimer’s residents, focusing on music therapy.

What others have said of Joshua's music:

"The final product is a transcendent work of art in its purest form, just a man and a classical guitar."

- Floorshime Zipper Boots [music review]

“Fantastic guitarist with superb tone and compositional ability. His shows are fantastic and the versatility of his projects assures that he’ll appeal to many. One of KC’s best talents.”

- Erik J. [singer/songwriter]

"Very nice album. I appreciate the thought that went into the movements. You can really feel the emotions of Merello."

- An anonymous stranger on Amazon